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About us

Danpete 2 is the exclusive distributor for Italy of leading brands in the childcare market.

The company's origins date back to 1979, when Daniela Costamagna opened the Snoopy baby shop in Vicenza, immediately selecting the best manufacturers of childcare items and following the new trends well in advance.

DanPete s.r.l. was born in 1996, with the exclusive distribution for Italy of Sangenic products, the first containers for the disposal of diapers: the choice is dictated by attention to ecology and knowledge of the needs of mothers. A choice that determines the subsequent distribution of the Close brand, a leading English company in the production of reusable diapers and baby carriers.

In 2021 DanPete was acquired by Danpete 2, which remains the Close distributor as well as the Sangenic Nursery Essentials products, which include the maxi-container for nappy disposal and related refills. Our commitment to a better world is maintained in the choice of distribution of products chosen for their reduced environmental impact and high production quality.

Our goal is to support parents, educators and medical staff in the selection of high-end products for their children: practical and functional products, which know how to simplify daily life; innovative and eco-sustainable, because loving your children today means more than ever to commit to guaranteeing them a better world while respecting the environment.

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